def. // unmanned aircraft (or aerial) vehicle: an aircraft that can navigate without a human pilot on board; a drone.

Used for tasks like collecting imagery and measurements, and combined with our innovative ground penetrating radar sensor, gives you the complete picture, above and below the ground.

So how does this help you? ➝

So why should you care about using us, and our Ground Penetrating Radar technology?

Here’s the thing.

You should have access to services that deliver on safety, time efficiency and environmental conservation. All three. All at once.

Reducing the amount of manpower based services that leave a human footprint not only gives you a higher chance of preserving natural environments, but it is actually a safer option for your people. That’s why the Sawback team is so passionate about increasing the popularity and efficiency of these services - we care about people and environmental conservation. We believe that we can find a happy balance for everyone.


As founder of Sawback Technologies, I've taken my 20+ years of experience in the energy and construction sector, to provide you a customized service to provide the results you want, and do it safely and quickly.  

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